Investing heavily in the esports industry!

Investing heavily in the esports industry!

Many people are not aware of esports but, it's a billion dollar industry and it's the next big thing when it comes to gaming and entertainment. Malta would be a great hub for both esports companies and event organizers due to our location, logistics, weather and nightlife to name a few. This is an opportunity that can generate more income to our economy!


Definitely! Malta will soon be home to a a new giant Esports Network (EU Based)

esports revenue:

Esports presents a unique opportunity for the country to tap a growing billion dollar industry. The MICE/DMC and Tourism industries are well-established to hit the ground running in the field of esports and there is also notable following and talent at a local level.

Ivan Bartolo - PN 9th District. These are the ideas that push our boundaries and take us to new heights. I want to support youths that are packed with energy, hope and disruptive thinking.

International companies will invest in Malta, more jobs and last but not least more games 🎮🎮

YES ..... we must view to the FUTURE

Because gaming is growing all around the world and could bring massive benefits to our country as well.

Its a billion dollar industry which is growing year over year. We need more of these companies functioning her in Malta. It will create more jobs and move us one step further in the gaming industry.

because eSports ! 🎮❤️

Because i love competitive games and the idea of Malta having teams on such a growing industry will open a new world for us.

It will improve the economy, get more gamers to compete competitively and would be more entertaining if we woulf have a place to host esport tournaments.


Malta needs to acknowledge the fact that gaming and e-sports are industries that not only are and would offer multiple job offers, but also cater for those passionate fans who wish to be recognised for their talents in the latter.

We want to see more players and teams competing professionally !!


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