Dogs should be allowed in public gardens

Dogs should be allowed in public gardens

First of all thanks for all the proposals regarding the welfare of animals, especially the pet cemetery and crematorium. I suggest that all (or at least most) public gardens allow dogs on a leash. Recently I went to 'Il-Foss tal-Imdina' and upon entry there was this sign that said 'No Dogs'. Ironically, inside there were signs that said 'Dogs Not Allowed On The Grass'! However, dog owners should be responsible at all times by keeping the dog on a leash and cleaning up after their dogs.


I pay taxes and I can't take my dog to a public garden. BTW my dog is better behaved than some people and we never leave a mess.

yes our pets are also members of our families. however i'm ashamed to say that although some owners do keep their pets on leashes in public and clean up after their dogs, too many do not. i am tired of cleaning dog mess from the front of my house and washing away puddles of urine. if as a dog owner you think it's ok for your pet to foul your neighbours pavement and home, 'empty' him on your own doorstep. ..and that's not even mentioning promenades...

I think that kids with bicycles should be allowed too otherwise where can they ride their bike?

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