Maltese Festa Festival

Maltese Festa Festival

A week long festival held in Valletta where Festa clubs from around Malta & Gozo, are allocated a street to exhibit their decorations and Festa activity. The most voted club (a voting right is obtained against a minimum value purchase of any product or service from any shop in Valletta during that week) on preset criteria, should expect to win a handsome money price. A professional jury prize should also be awarded. All participating clubs should be offered financial assistance.


Whilst not a Festa fan myself, I appreciate the effort that goes into these cultural events and their social contribution (with the exception of petards). There is also a healthy element of people's art which deserves a bigger platform. Commercially this could become a touristic event and help the ailing Valletta retail community. Part of any proceeds that may accrue should be invested in projects benefiting Valletta residents.

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