No Homework and No exams for all students

No Homework and No exams for all students

School exams in Malta increase stress on students! For who doesn't know, students in Finland do not get homework nor do exams from their first day of school till when they are 22, which means till the last year of university. Apart that the students have more free time which they use to do other activities such as sports, photography and art.One needs to keep in mind that the levels of subjects are higher than what we have in Malta (they are smarter)!!


Children perform better when they are slightly under pressure, so probably reducing the load of homework and exams would help but cutting it out completely might not be such a good idea. Besides children need to grow up with the right attitude - that you have to work to achieve your goals....

Well basically if you are going to remove the homeworks it doesn't make sense to not remove the exams!

Homework should be converted to schoolwork and done at school. 1) Children should have free time to play, do other activities(play an instrument, practice sport etc). 2) Not all parents are teachers and it is the responsibility of the school system to educate the children

I still believe that exams are a good exercise to gauge the skills of pupils. Nonetheless, we should have less exams and only for important subjects. Non-essential subjects should only be for general knowledge purposes.

The hard work and assesment is done during school hours! Having more time for oneself makes children more relaxed and they would enjoy more the hours spent at school. 😎

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