Pavements and kerbs are pedestrian areas. So we must do away with the idea of having pavement s going up and down to accomodate garages and cars. Pavements must be even all the way to accomodate everyone safely walking along but especially wheelchair users, elderly and those who suffer from aching legs. To accomodate cars simply utilize the concrete kerb at the edge as a ramp. Our pavements have been descrided as unsafe yet nothing has been done.


Many (if not most) pavements in our towns & villages are badly built (too narrow or interrupted) or rendered useless, dangerous, unusable by car ramps, steps, uneven surface, steep inclines. poor camber, grooves, potholes, etc. They should be re-built into proper safe sidewalks that are continuous, smooth-surfaced, with shallow (not abrupt) inclines toward any garage ramps, and wide enough for two persons abreast or wheel- or push-chairs. Pavements must be kept always free & not blocked .

A penalty by means of a fine for all house holds that embark/block the pavement with car ramps and create more employment optortunities to fix unleavel/broken walk ways /paths and really look at the amount of pavements that a pushchair can not go on meaning mums on the roads with pushchairs!!!!

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