Solar Power Station

Solar Power Station

Our goal of reaching 10% renewable energy by 2020, will not be achieved in due time. I am proposing a possible study into the construction of an offshore solar power plant by making use of large barges - decreasing possible sunlight distraction from nearby buildings, and being fully exposed to the sun. This project would push us closer to reaching out target, as well as ensuring cleaner air, without taking up our scarce virgin land.


Very much in support of this idea. We have the gift of abundant sunshine, but very limited land. Floating solar farms may be the key to our energy needs. Maintenance costs may however render them not financially viable, along with other issues such as disruption to shipping lanes, and environmental impact. The very least we can do is to commission a feasibility study.

Malta has a lot of territorial seas which we can be made use of to support the country with proper clean energy. I suggest we should also look into off-shore windfarms. Malta experiences high winds especially over the sea and the technology for wind turbines has improved in the last few years so I believe it's a possible solution as well. Also close off the gas based station - it's not really environmental friendly and have my doubts on how secure it is should a breach occur and gas leaks out.

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