Reduced Annual Road tax for leisure cars

Reduced Annual Road tax for leisure cars

Truly reduced annual road tax for high powered and exotic vehicles that are solely used for the scope of leisure on weekends and public holidays. The present system only offers a reduction in registration tax but leaves annual road tax unchanged. Another option could be purchasing daily use tickets in advance as permits to use the car, like a sort of pay per use system. Just like fine arts, music and theater, beautiful cars should be enjoyed as they are no less of an achievement for humanity.


We have a very bad traffic issue already, therefore we don't need to encourage people to use cars for "pure leisure" reasons.

Mr lorenzen have you ever experienced a traffic jam on a sunday or public holiday apart from the gozo ferrie on santa marija? That is when these cars would be allowed to circulate. Our traffic problem is not caused by seldom used exotic cars but everyday commuters! I highly doubt there will ever be a traffic jam composed only of ferraris! :)

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