Government to grant a subvention to student organisations

Government to grant a subvention to student organisations

Student organisations strive to make student life easier, although there are a lot of limitations mainly due to having limited funds. These organisations are run by students for students, and this is something that requires a lot of time and energy a part from the student's hectic life. Also not to mention that University does not give recognition for this extra effort. A small subvention, based on the number of full members, would support activities by the approved student body.


Students within an organisation allocate a LOT of time to ensure that their team works well and everything functions smooth. Apart from the organisation's duties, the student also has their personal and academical life to get to, and sometimes this goes unrecognised. The new iniative proposed should aid the organisation if any troubles arise, and ultimately encourage the executive to work even harder for the students.

Well Said :) A step forwards for student organizations to progress and propel to do greater things.

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