Palliative Care, Oncology

Palliative Care, Oncology

Palliative care should be for everyone, not only for those patients that are lucky to be admitted in the Palliative Care Unit at SAMOC. There are many oncology patients who are admited all over the island which cannot be treated accordingly. A Palliative Care Team should be created so everyone, no matter which hospital you are in can benefit from the best treatment and care available. A holistic and multi disciplinary approach should be taken.


Also those oncology patients who are admitted long term at MDH , have a part of their pensions deducted, where those patients who are lucky to be admitted in SAMOC do not. I believe this is discrimination and not fair at all. Each oncology patient irrelevant of which hospital you are admiitted in should be treated the same.

My family has been through this and only the hospice movement helped us.

Dear Ruth, This is why we need have more structure so patients and family members can be supported throughout the journey..

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