Non Profit Organization Regarding Foreign Insititutions

Non Profit Organization Regarding Foreign Insititutions

Help to Supporters Clubs in Malta


Supporter clubs in Malta are doing a difficult job to try and survive, whilst offering youths and families a safe environment to come together. As other NGOs they need to be recognised and assisted.

I would like to ask whether its possible to start receiving assistance from the government in regards to supporters clubs in Malta, clubs that can only survive thanks to donations and sponsors, but requirements and expenses are always getting bigger. Whist I accept that our club is representing a foreign Club (Juventus), kindly consider the amount of youths that thanks to us are being gathered every match away from certain addictions and life. Thanks Marlon

Because expenses and maintenance costs are high, and I believe that although not supporting local entities, we are helping in the growth of youths in these places, away from bad habits.

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