Cannabis Legalised for personal use

Cannabis Legalised for personal use

Cannabis has been found to cure many illnesses, especially cancer and chronic pain. Medical or personal use should be legalised. No one can stop teens and youths from experimenting, it's in out genes. Why ruin a youth's chances in life because of a bad permanent police conduct. With most of the Democratic countries all loosening their laws regarding the use of cannabis instead of alchol or cigarettes. Do a sincere study on the saubject with Liberal minded experts.


Massive benefits for the economy to reap from such as coffeeshops, restaurants offering edibles (cannabis-infused food), dispensaries, etc

I could use medicinal canabis for chronic back pain. The side effects of painkillers are far worse. Many people suffer from the same condition.

Legalise cannabis use for meedical and personal use for mature people.

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