Ta Qali Park

Ta Qali Park

I would love to see if the govt could tap into any possible EU funds to regenerate the Ta Qali picnic area into a decent lawned area, possibly with a small artificial lake to bring its standard up to the parks that exist in other EU member states. The state of the ground in the Ta Qali picnic area is appalling to say the least and such a project would be the benefit for all maltese families


I fully agree with this idea whilst also perhaps adding a cycling superhighway in the area to further encourage cycling, providing a safer environmemt for cyclists.

and please not only ta'qali! the family park at m'scala sadly already needs refurbishment. remove that awful artificial turf.. re-turf and care for the area near the chapel and in the 'quiet zone'. let the petting zoo area be that for real. no football pitch either. and no selling or renting off 'concession' bits piecemeal.

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