Assistance to Farmers

Assistance to Farmers

Farmers are the basis for our environment. Farmers work long hours in all weather conditions for a very low return. It is imperative that farmers are helped as they are an aging community and we shall soon loose this trade. Hence I propose a full reform in the farming sector, starting with crop plans, sustainable production based on supply and demand, grading facilities and full upgrade of the packaging. This is the only way that the farming community can survive.


Since Farmers cannot do this by themselves, Government must invest to do this reform and create this setup.

The next great revolution should be inthis sector. Active farmers are aging and we should invest in young students to continue this trade by giving them assistance and how to get finances from the EU and National budgets for them to invest their time in this activity.

The issue is that if this sector is not made viable, then there is no way to lure new farmers. As is the sector needs a complete reform and the farming community must adapt to change.

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