6th Form Stipend - do not reduce when early passes obtained

6th Form Stipend - do not reduce when early passes obtained

Current scenario - When 6th form students pass one or more MATSEC subjects before the end of the 2-year course and stop attending related lectures, they have their stipend reduced pro-rata. Proposal - Stipend should NOT be reduced - in this way students can freely spread out their exams over 2 to 3 sessions. Let us not forget that it was a P.N. government that introduced this change with effect from 1st September 2012, giving students up to 5 years to obtain their MATSEC certificate.


Subject syllabi at MC level are designed for two years of study. While a subject can be finished in a single year - through some personal research and private tuition - one cannot assume to have undergone the same educative process as expected. The aim of the 2012 change was to give students a number of chances after finishing a course. Rather, if education and not grades are important, the government should change the law to disallow candidates who are not 18 years of age to sit for MC exams.

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