Cultural Sustainability and Tourism

Cultural Sustainability and Tourism

I am an MA Student with the Institute of Culture and Tourism at UOM and I would like to share some views on how we might improve cultural education and move towards a more sustainable way of tourism. Firstly culture is a living phenomena and covers all sectors of a life of a society; work, religion, heritage, language, tastes, architecture past and present and the creativity of individuals. I believe that a new government should revisit CAP 445 of our constitution - The Cultural Heritage Act.


1.The evaluation of Malta's built, landscape and maritime heritage and work on accessibility and quality interpretation of such heritage sites. 2.Cultural education in schools. One must revisit the curriculum in order to emphasize a new and more tangible way of learning history in a more holistic way and stressing on the importance of heritage and culture in the tourism sector. 3.To work towards a sustainable form of tourism that would take tourists outside the main routes, into the villages

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