Autism support

Autism support

Autistic children need intensive help especially those on the severe end of the spectrum. Malta needs a specialised school (age 5-18 )that focuses on tackling Autism challenges, focusing on intensive Speech therapy and Occupational therapy on a daily basis by qualified dedicated therapists. A school with all resources specifically tailored for Autism. Imagine our non-verbal kids having daily therapy at school for their entire school years. What a difference it would make to their future


I was just thinking the same today. A system with a mix of academics and more 1 to 1 and group sessions. Every year of students would be assesed and placed in appropriate class for the level of the spectrum that the child is on. All students lsas incos therapists under 1 roof. I dont agree that it should be free though. They could have a system of either a fixed subsidised term fee or your fee is based on what you earn. The govt already spends alot on subsidies for ngos and govt therapy anyway

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