Reserved Parking Bays for "handicapped" persons

Reserved Parking Bays for "handicapped" persons

I feel that the system currently in use is being abused. As it is a couple, not necessarily husband and wife, like a perfectly healthy son in his forties who lives with his mother who is also very mobile although uses a walking stick to go to restaurants/shops/church etc, is allowed a reserved space. The authority who grants such permits must change its criteria, seriously question doctors' certificates, and visibly check to ensure a reserved space is really warranted.


Because I believe that the system is really being abused.

I already placed my idea and maintain too that it is of utmost importance that residential disabled parking slots should be personalised.Living in St.Julian's most of the times especially in the weekends I end up having to call the police until the person who parked instead of me removes his/her car.I also think it is unfair that a disabled person who has a Blue Sticker takes my parking slot.I agree that there is a great abuse using the B/Sticker it has happened to me several times.

Also we have to think about creating parking spaces in one way streets, where parking is only allowed in white boxes on one side of the road. Where there are no doors or low windows, parking spots should be created for parking on the side walk. Sliema for example is full of such opportunities.

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