sickleave when elderly parent is sick

sickleave when elderly parent is sick

I am 50 years old and I work as head of department in the Education Department. I am the only carer of my father who is almost 86 years old. All I am asking is, if sick leave will be granted to parents of children, shouldn't it also be granted to people like myself? I have no one to turn to when he is ill. Can I please use my sick leave in such circumstances?


I would like this issue to be granted because it is a family friendly issue. And why should I lie and say that I am ill when I'm not? Please realise that families are not just those with young children. We exist too.

Caring responsibilities should be assisted and not penalized.

Such a needed suggestion. I am exactly in your same situations. To top it all if I wanted to apply for carer leave, I was informed that I had to take a whole year of unpaid leave. One could not take a shorter time span.

I agree. Caring for elderly relatives may take countless hours especially if the older relative is having difficulty with daily activities, memory problems, forgetting medications, trouble with banking and finances. It may also be that an otherwise healthy elderly relative may have just been discharged from hospital and he/she needs full time care until recovery. Caring for a loved one is a job with heavy time commitments and responsibilities.

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