Get rid of Marlene

Get rid of Marlene

Marlene can't be trusted, she voted against her government. will she vote against us if she doesn't get what she wants ?


Ap79 - if as you say, marlene is doing it for power, she would have stayed comfortable on her labour parliament seat and stay put - like all other LP MPs. She stood up for what she thinks is right, not now, but as soon as this rape of our country started.

i was right !! she got elected form our votes !! .. please break this coalition and make her resign ..

are you all happy now !! I was right from the beginning... she will get elected from our votes !! We did the PL favour

did anyone see Marlene on TVM ? she will make our leader hell if elected !! GET RID OF HER NOW

Jien naqbel ma AP79, ivvutaw lil taghna biss !! jekk trid titla marlene tohrog titallab ghal voti hi mhux tiehu taghna !!

would everyone refrain from uploading photos please! this is discussion between opinions.. thanks

Jien naqbel ma ap79! din min rida maghna, min meta sirna naccettaw il hmieg! j'alla ma titlax u ntellaw lil taghna biss.

I would have left Marlene on her own, so the pissed off labourites vote for her as they're not voting for the PN as that goes against their beliefs. We will elect our on our own as PL will have lost votes to marlene. we would have benefited more if the coalition never existed!! as i said before, if anyone is under the impression that Labour supporters will vote for marlene you're wrong. she will take votes from US as people will feel sorry for her or admire her like Jennifer debono said !!

all of you, answer me this then, what will happen if we loose? we will be the laughing stock of Europe cause we didn't manage to get Malta behind us, even with a coalition, during a crisis and the corrupt will stay there and become even more powerful !! We loose our credibility and Marlene will probably desert us and leave us to fend on our own!! do you want that for our party? don't think so.. we need our supporters to vote for us and no one else!!

Lis, my name is Albert Portelli, I have nothing to hide. the party knows me and all my family! i'm still not convinced about marlene tho. one of our own left us to join them and he's calling Simon liar, how about that? and we have marlene undermining Simon at every opportunity. for heavens sake, Marlene didn't join PN she founded her own party !! Disgruntled Labourites won't vote for marlene as much disgruntled Nationalists vote for JPO !! i truly wish i'm wrong ..

Jennifer, you're in your own fantasy if you think labour voters will elect Marlene, as us, they won't vote against their party! would you vote for PL if Simon is in JM position? i wouldn't! i prefer not to vote than to vote or any one that has to do with them! Politics is like marriage, you're in it for the better and the worse! you don't abandon your party because it's going through a rough patch!

Ivan, what will happen if she gets elected, we win and she doesn't gets what she wants? will she votes against us like she did to the PL? and what about her partner? i prefer that we elect our people than "outsiders". if we think this election is JM vs Malta we're completley wrong! it's US vs THEM.. with Marlene trying to take advantage of us !

AP79 She's not coming out on my district and if she has an axe to grind well so do we all. JM&CO have to be kicked out of office even if it means making a deal with the devil which she is NOT. I don't agree about JPO. He had his own personal agenda, pushing through divorce, and used the party to get what he wanted. He won't get re-elected mark my words. If elected she has her political career to protect now so I doubt if she'll make waves-she's not that stupid.

AP79 Also most of her votes will be coming from disgruntled labour supporters. Let's hope she can take enough to bring JM down.

Ap79 my assurance is Simon Busuttil he is no fool and I'm sure that Simon who has lots of experience and also he being a lawyer is a great asset to him to see if a person infront of him is doing it for power IF that would be the case then as he made it clear in one of the many proposals that there will be transparency having a watch dog over him and the rest of the ministers and deputies Marlene isn't a fool either and wouldn't risk such a scandal. They aren't on stage at the Theatre!.

Can I also add something else? How is it you have a nickname? You could be trying to fish out information and mayby be a Labourite although it is free for anyone here to air his or her views but I don't think it's ethical to use a nickname!!!

what will happen if we win and she gets elected? will she be the deputy prime minister ? and what about our own ? what happens Dr Fenech Adami and Dr De Marco? they always worked hard for our party so why we have to push them aside? i truly hope that she doesn't get elected for the sake of our party and we elect only own .. I know quite few people that work in party that share my views!! the hardcore voters don't care about JM vs Malta, they care that the PN wins and not the coalition..

Lis, what assurances you have that she's not doing for the power? if rumors are to be believed she took it against JM because she didn't get president position like she expected!!

I disagree with you totally. it's seems that you haven't understood anything of what has been going on around you.Dr. Farrugia, shows that she has guts and as Dr.Busuttil rightly said that this 'Extraordinary Elections' is about JM vs Malta.She together with her party have been very clear and like all of us PN (Partit tan-Nies) want the better for our country, she is not doing it for power or to have an important position in the PN Government. This is not an election based on PROPOSALS!!!

would you give her your vote instead of voting for one of our candidates? i wouldn't ! I want our candidates to get elected !

Jennifer Debono, i agree about JPO but he never undermined DR Gonzi in such way as she's doing. did you see the UoM debate? she always had something to say after Simon. She ALWAYS wants to have the last word. She's gutsy and doesn't sugar coat things, i give you that. Shes on personal vendetta against JM&Co and she's using us ! she got elected with labour votes, do you really think she will get those votes again? she will get elected by PN votes that she will take from one of our candidates!

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was one of ours and there was a backstabber if ever I saw one! It took Marlene alot of courage to stand up to JM & Co. I like her, she calls a spade a spade and we need people like that. I also believe there are more like her within the PL but were afraid to speak out. Gutsy lady.

she will make Simon life's hell if she gets elected, better safe than sorry !

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