Equal Taxation

Equal Taxation

I find it unfair that who ever studied hard to have a good profession and hence a good wage, and more over who works hard has to pay more taxation. This is leading people with near to minimum wage to declare income of minimum wage and the rest (ie overtime) is not declared so that they will not pay extra taxation. I pay thousands as taxation (including taxation from investment) while others pay only hundreds. We are both using the same governmental services thus same or near to taxation for all!


Same taxation for everyone. A person cannot be penalised by paying more taxation just because s/he work hard to achieved his/her most well deserved income. Such peole find it unfair that mostly their taxation is being paid to finance the most lazy people on the island. Benefits to such people should only be given if they are willing to participate in initiatives created by the government and benefits shouls only be giving when a person is incapable of working

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