Tackling Childhood Obesity in Schools with more sport

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Schools with more sport

Very little importance is given to sport in school. I firmly believe that employing more PE teachers in schools and making afternoon sessions at least twice a week compulsory for children between the age of 6 and 16 can help not just to tackle childhood obesity, but also psychological issues like low self esteem in our population, not to mention an improvement in national sporting results. This has to be tailored to make it fun for all children and while competitive not exclusive to anyone.


Important to keep in mind: - Children must enjoy doing the sport. If one particular child likes playing football encourage him to do so and don't force him to do gymnastics. Same goes for the child who likes gymnastics. - Professionalism to be drilled in from a young age. - Psychological support to children who do not succeed. Lessons can be learned from never giving up. Some children are not as confident as others and need someone to believe in them.

Not exactly against mind you but it has to be part of a much larger programme.

Doesn't work. It will take a whole change in lifestyle. No use running around the school grounds for half an hour then eating chips and fried foods at home because that is what mummy is cooking. We need to educate the whole population with an agressive campaign. It will have just as much impact as taxes have on smoking...which is to say none at all. We need to educate the whole population with an agressive campaign

Some schools do not even encourage physical activity at Upper Secondary level. This promotes the idea that sports and physical activity is not important and it isn't. It is essential! You cannot expect students to perform well academically and neglect their general health. Exercise is of immense benefit to the mind and body and can prevent a host of physical and mental issues.

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