Mr Balzia

Mr Balzia

the one thing i need to mention is the fact that the PN does not keep in contact whit its Tesserati. in all these years i have been a card holder ( because that's all you are when you are Tesserat) i was never contacted via phone, text or mail by the party i love so much. Last election i never had a visit ,phone call from any member of the party. i think i am not asking much, a simple call that says '' MOZGHA INT GHADEK MAGHNA HUX?'' will be enough.!! but not every 5 years..


It is the honest truth ,the nationalists tend to forget those who elected them ,preferring many a time people of other political parties especially during promotions,have seen it done to my nearest and dearest.

I mentioned this to one of our candidates on a home visit. I think they have heeded the message this time. And it's not just it-tesserati.

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