Junior Lyceum

Junior Lyceum

I wish the Junior Lyceum exams will start function again...the primary government schools are very good but the secondary schools are frightening...all mixed and no discipline at all...I had to send my child to a church school next year because I was afraid of sending my son in Kulleg San Gorg Preca or ex Junior Lyceum Boys in Hamrun...he was adored at Pieta Gov Primary School for my son is autistic..but I had to take him out from that love and care due to Horrible Secondary School



The problem is not the exams or even discipline at times. It's the hug every schools with over 700 students...and in the case you are referring to, it's the catchement area. This college San Gorg Preca need some to be divided into two colleges because of the voluminous amount of pastoral care and support required.

It will only add more stress on to kids. I would prefer if more discipline is practices in all schools. Teachers should be able to discipline children in their care without fear of retribution from parents. Having said this teachers need coaching in doing this fairly, with respect to the feelings of the student concerned. Moreover disciplining the child should be done in such a way that the child will learn from the mistake he/she made and the reason for the punishment clearly explained

I agree 100%.

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