I suggest the construction of two main roads, one from the south to the north and another from east to west of Malta. These will be straight roads built mainly underground, with only entrances and exits coming from the present bypasses. This will eliminate going through towns and villages, for example when travelling from B'bugia to Mellieha. This will not take as long to materialise as the efficient metro project. Consider that us Maltese are lazy, and would still prefer to use our cars.


this is a very doable and good idea .Some European cities have underground road systems under vast residential areas . Great idea , for example all commercial vehicles and containers that leave Hal far or anywhere in the South but need to get to say St Pauls bay , Mosta and even Gozo can avoid traffic and reduce vehicles on the road .

while i do get your point, i still see that it wont happen, a) costs. & b) duration of construction. we need to find a solution now, our problem is the volume of cars & the narrow roads . to solve we need drastic measures,such as no heavy trucks at rush hours, same goes 4 shop deliveries, schools with different starting/finish time.Such measures will hurt some citizens .But unless the whole country really accepts & supports the changes we will never solve the traffic issue.

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