Electric cars

Electric cars

To concretely help private car leasing companies in buying fleets of approved full-electric cars so that these can be leased at reasonable cost to families and individuals. The cost must be such that it won't be worth owning your own car. Ing. Gerald Cardona B.Eng.(Hons.)


The government should lead by example and all new government vehicle purchases should be electric. Impose a tax on diesel cars, where the money can go to discount electric cars for the public and businesses.

It is great idea. Government have to found the necessary funds from EU and push people to buy minicar or small car electric, instead petrol/diesel. Malta is a tiny place, tiny island, mini or small electric car are the best solution to reduce drastically the pollution.

I think its a great idea. Similarly we could phase out Diesel for electric cars by helping in their importation and making them affordable through subsidies.

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