Be on the forefront in the development and adoption of AR

Be on the forefront in the development and adoption of AR

Google is on the forefront in the development of Augmented Reality in fields like health, education, tourism, and other areas. Watch this short video to get the gist of my proposal: Our country can work in collaboration with Google and other tech companies (the same way we worked with Microsoft in the past) to push this innovative technology.


There is a number of industries supporting the development of Augmented Reality ranging from Health to the Financial Services. Would be interesting for the Government to specifically fund research projects and startups which could use Augmented/Virtual Reality to improve the life of citizens.

I believe it is an investment in the future which would be beneficial to different industries

It will create a new niche market in the field of job creation. Moreover, our students, medical staff and many other people in general (it can be used in tourism - imagine using AR in historical sites to help people visualise events like the Great Siege) will benefit hugely from the limitless possibilities of this amazing technology!

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