Internet Service for homeusers in all localities

 Internet Service for homeusers in all localities

The government should provide free internet service for all homeusers in Malta and Gozo. Or at least that value added tax of 18% should be removed so that the service providers can be able to reduce the monthly service charge to all people using this important cultural service at home. GRANPINTO Hamrun


We live in a cyber age. Internet, although not necessarily free, should be made accessible to all. I think this is the first election that social media played such a huge role for instance.

Democracy means freedom in communication. Free internet in as much localities as possible would increase communication and so ensure freedom. Reducing vat from home internet would enable more home users.

removing VAT on Internet would be a good idea, but giving out free internet to everybody is not so wise. Incentives are good, but we have to cut a line somewhere, we cannot have the state also giving out free home internet to all people!

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