Relocate ITS

Relocate ITS

Hello to all, I have an idea regarding the ITS (Insitute for Tourisim Studies) relocation, I would suggest against relocating to Smart City for the follwing reasons. It is far for students to travel back and fourth , Having all this traffic problems will make it worse. So I tought, why not rebulid Whiterocks and make it an ITS Park if you will. This will ideally have accomodation for offshore students, offices, and the school it self. And would greatly help Malta's economy amongst other benefits


Its not I don't like this idea. But I would prefer if the new Government will find a way to get the ITS building back to the Maltese. And I cant understand why the rest of the Maltese Hoteliers and property developers did not complain about this corrupt 'sale'

ITS should stay in its current location. White rocks should be turned into a national recreation and sports park.

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