The Yachting fraternity has long been pushing for a new Marina in the North, in the St Paul’s Bay / Bugibba area. This would give an added financial impetus to this area, which has been losing tourist appeal steadily for the last decade, due to multifarious factors. St Paul’s Bay has become somewhat secondary as a tourist destination, but the bay is a treasure waiting to happen. A marina with floating breakwaters can be constructed in Xemxija, which is actually a disorganized Marina.


Leave Xemxija as is - and by the way what will be the price to Berth the boat ????????????????????????

But this is not the only area where one can site a Marina. The South coast is inhospitable to boats precisely because there is no organised shelter around. Marsaxlokk is also one of Malta’s largest harbours and there is no reason why it cannot be organised better and host a Marina, with permanent all year round berthing. This would open up a whole new vista for yachtsmen. Marsaxlokk already possesses excellent shelter, and a marina needs not be just pontoons, but a system of organised moorings

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