Public Private Partnership Business Model for Airmalta.

Public Private Partnership Business Model for Airmalta.

Under this model KM would franchise its routes to local travel agents to sustain and expand its route network.. The agent purchases the exclusive right (franchise) and takes the business risk to promote and manage the route which KM would operate. The agent pays a fixed price per flight just like a charter and receives all ticket sales. Thus the marketing and management of the route would be left in the hands of the private sector and KM operates the route at a sustainable price.


Let us not forget that Airmalta carries patients for care abroad.

This model is more suited to our situation than the low cost model. By involving the private sector in this way, KM can sustain and expand its network for the benefit of our tourism, business and strategic requirements. It would also generate short term capital through the franchising of its routes avoiding closing down without breaking EU regulations. Once the model proves itself then it can raise long term capital by selling shares to the public and institutional investors.

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