BBQ's by the sea

BBQ's by the sea

Summer is coming and every family likes to go out for a bbq near the sea. If there is a problem about rubbish left on site after a bbq we neef to find solutions not ban bbqs. Solutions : 1. permits from police stations on a small charge so the police can check the site and will have information on whom was making the bbq. 2. As local wardens we can have beach wardens 3. Survelliance cameras on beaches


Because its truth and a great idea. Even for the youths it will be good to have fun in that way and not by going in a bar get drunk or something and there fun will return into a fight or something else.

Dirt. Rats. No one can be trusted to clean up.

I only agree if the persons having the BBQ have a permit from the local council against payment and beach wardens have to supervise and if any dirt is left behind the persons have to clean up and get a fine.

Let's leave our beaches unspoilt. Other places should be designated for BBQs

We can't take dogs to the beach, we can't have BBQ's on the beach, gee can we even breathe on the beach. I used to go all the time without any red tape and we used to clean up after us. I am in favour of returning beaches to the people. Do we really have to pay for everything now? Having said that ti's better than having BBQ's on some balcony and risking hurting people.

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