L-Iskema ta' Bejgh tac-Cittadinanza

L-Iskema ta' Bejgh tac-Cittadinanza

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista ghandu iwaqqaf l-iskema redikola ta' bejgh tac-cittadinanza u jzomm il-posizzjoni tieghu li kien ha kontriha.


The IIP is nothing but sale of EU passports to those who cannot get one for legitimate reasons. It attracts applicants with oodles of cash of questionable origin to the Malta and the EU. It cheapens Malta's name and reputation to that of obscure, shady states. It fuels local greed to the point that every accountant and lawyer wants to get on the bandwagon at the expense of the harder work required to attract serious, legitimate investment. I.E. everything that the PN does not stand for!

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