The policy of having a well should be enforced

The policy of having a well should be enforced

Not only should each house, factory etc. henceforth be only approved with a well, but a fiscal incentive should be given to those who have not done so, in contravention of the law, to do so. Water is a precious resource. Throwing it in the street is not just a waste, but with the concrete jungle we have built causes flooding in our valleys. Incentives for double plumbing to use this water in washing machines, flushings, car wash etc should also be given. Above all, enforcement is required.


I would add that a fiscal incentive be given for those you have a well.

Reservoirs under blocks of apartments are useless and end up being purposely punctured not to retain any water. Enforcement should be tied to regulations by the BRO that this should be put to good use

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