New Mental Health Hospital & Awareness Campaign

New Mental Health Hospital & Awareness Campaign

The current state of Mount Carmel is not fit for any human being, even more so for anyone battling mental distress of any sort. Moreover, the stigma of having been hospitalised for mental illness has led many to their deaths! I earnestly call upon Forza Nazzjonali to build a new hospital in Malta even more beautiful than MDH as the environment has a major impact on Mental Health Patients and for a strong Mental Health Awareness Campaign to raise the importance of well-being locally.


Mount Carmel definitely isn't the ideal holistic environment​ that would promote the well-being of those is a fragile mental state.

The place needs more professions who can handle and acknowledge a persons mental state. Each individual is a different case and therefore they should not all be mixed!


Mount Carmel Hospital still carries a lot of stigma. A new, modern and well equipped mental hospital would decrease some of the stigma associated with mental health. In addition, persons with mental health issues deserve to receive the adequate mental healthcare in a safe, clean and nice environment.

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The environment surrounding you affect your mental state. The current building is designed to detain instead of treating patients. A strong campaign against stigmatisation of mental disorders should start by upgrading the mental health care service, including the residential care.

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them, they question life and they need to be given the encouraging words to move on. Sometimes all it takes, is a bit of quiet time, reflective time, and the right people to give them that push they need to stand up again. Therefore, mental health is something that needs to be given importance to, and not put aside as if it is a cause. It is the effect of the hectic world we live in.

Sometimes when police are involved in these cases, reports are being filed and even though a person will manage to come out of his mental health issues, reports will be still recorded and for the affected person will be like a stigma for their whole life that cannot be cancelled. I think that the law shall be adjusted accordingly.

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