Addressing over-development in our traditional villages

Addressing over-development  in our traditional villages

When the Local Plan was 'updated' in 2006, several mistakes where made. Amongst them was allowing an extra floor to be built practically everywhere, with no consideration to what zone was opposite e.g. villas. That meant that terraced houses opposite villas suddenly became 3 storeys plus penthouse, and in 2015 they were allowed a further floor. This is ruining village neighbourhoods, and high densities need to be confined to specific areas. This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


The law to add further floors to buildings should be removed in streets where no buildings have been demolished to be rebuilt with added floors. This kind of activity in built up areas disrupts the normal way of life of the residents for many years because once one permit is given then all the other houses face the same fate. The residents have to bear with noise pollution, dust, traffic disruption in the street, damage to their property, broken pavements ... until they are forced to leave.

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