Cheaper Taxi Services

Cheaper Taxi Services

Taxis in Malta are extremely expensive, despite the short distances this island is bound in. There should be an initiative to reduce the prices of all taxi services, with a rate per kilometer which is reasonable. The issue at hand is evident, the use of private cars causes a lot of mayhem in the streets, needless to mention the dire parking problem which has become a national characteristic. This initiative might be the solution to encourage people to call a taxi after a night out.


Flooding the market with cheap taxis will make it easier for people to opt for taxis and reduce the number of cars in the road and cars running around town centres looking for parking.

I agree. I have used taxis and a two way trip to Mater Dei from Blatal-Bajda costs approximately 25 euros. Too much. If they had more resonable reates people would use them more often.

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