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Progett Liberta Progett Bankini

For many seniors, the abysmal state of the large part of our walkway pavements, is at best a key locking them inside and at worst a death trap. Even before we start resurfacing our roads, I suggest that Forza Nazzjonali commits to a program that within the next legislature all pavements are, at least, rendered safe. Also as I see this project as an opportunity to bring all the nation on board, I suggest the project is entrusted to a board chaired by the office of the President of Malta.


It's true. Pavements in such a bad state, many of them slippery (Qawra) we elderly r constrained to walk in middle of street which is very dangerous.☺️

Totally agree with this, I proposed it myself in fact without seeing this. It is not only for seniors. If Malta is more attractive to all pedestrians then it may not be such a problem to use public transport or to park far away from our destination - if the walk there is pleasant and safe! thus reducing traffic and parking problems!

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