no race track at ta qali

no race track at ta qali

Please do not ruin Ta Qali with a race track. It is lovely to go on picnics with the family but the noise pollution from a race track will ruin everything. We enjoy sitting under the trees listening to the birds and breathing the fresh air.


The possibility of using the already existing track in Hal Far should be considered instead. Although it needs to be modernised and revised according to safety standards, I believe it is still a sensible alternative than ruining one of the few remaining less polluted areas in Malta. Should this area are be used as a race track, we are forbidding the future generation from admiring the same outdoor experience we currently are and it is unfair!

Apart from ruining one of our very few places where families can relax, a race track will ruin the lives of thousands of residents (of all political beliefs) in the villages of Attard, Mosta, Rabat, Mdina, Mtarfa, possibly Zebbug, etc. This is not NIMBY, Ta' Qali is simply too close to dense population centres.

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