A stand against illegal immigration is a Nationalist stand

A stand against illegal immigration is a Nationalist stand

Burden Sharing has failed. Poland and Hungary do not want to contribute. In view of surfacing reports about human trafficking activities and NGOs, we cannot go on accepting more immigrants irrelevant as to whether they are genuine or not. Malta is too overpopulated and has contributed more than is geographically and economically reasonable. If 2% of all Africans who intend to cross to Europe are genuine refugees, then Europe is doomed! The Nationalist party should live up to its name.


"Multiculturalism is a strength" - L.Gonzi "Malta is not multicultural enough" - J.Azzopardi '69 lawyers file Court Injunction against pushback' -media, July 2013 ...how Nationalist is that? What has happened and is happening in other countries will happen here. It has already started.

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