Preparazzjoni Aktar Ghad Dinja Tax-Xoghol

Preparazzjoni Aktar Ghad Dinja Tax-Xoghol

Fl-iskola jghallmuk affarijiet li qatt ma int se tuza fhajtek, bhal certu teoriji tal Algebra, filwaqt li affarijiet ferm iktar importanti bhal kif thallas it taxxi tieghek, xinuma id drittijiet u dmirijiet tieghek bhala haddiema, ghalxiex tkun intitolat kemm jekk tkun part time, full time, casual worker, self employed u ohrajn, u affarijiet ohra bhal linji gwida biex tikseb loan . Edukazzjoni ghad-dinja reali tal-xoghol.


Sorry I don't agree that algebra has no use at all. You apply it every day and don't know it. Having said that I am all for the introduction of practical subjects like dealing with taxes and bills and job interviews to name a few.

69 years dealing with people of all ages, i discovered and was amazed at the lack of knowledge people (all ages) have of their civil rights and obligations. It is therefore suggested that at Form V of secondary schools, and the fifth year in a Secondary School students be introduced to things like Social Security, Conditions of Work, Taxation, Social Benefits, Wages, Overtime rates. I do believe that more than 70% of the work force are not even aware they can deal on a contract of work.

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