Traffic Managment

Traffic Managment

Although traffic is a problem that cannot be solved at a glance small immediate solutions can start helping out in my opinion such as: Refuse collection should be done in hours where traffic is not at it's best such as late in the evening and not in the morning where all the children are going to school. Deliveries should be scheduled at certain hours and not in peak hours. These are just a couple to say the least which will make a difference at once.


TV spots and air time to carry suggestions of procedures say at roundabouts, at using indicators which amazingly could save precious time on the road, stopping without blocking side streets or obstructing zebra crossing. Dual flow at certain roundabouts like the one at the War Memorial Floriana and the one at Mosta. Picking the right lane. From experience after Mass meetings at the Granaries, the regulated flow could save something like 180minutes in clearing the traffic in the area.

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