Tax Exemption for medical treatment

Tax Exemption for medical treatment

Anybody who undergoes medical treatment abroad and paying for it (not cosmetic treatment, perhaps more cancer related illnesses) will have income tax or VAT related tax deducted from income at par with the actual expense or up to a certain cap.


perhaps the government can acknowledge this if a) there is pre advice to Health Department (without conditions, or without any form of barring to proceed from treatment abroad) and b) there is a signed declaration from medical consultant to avoid abuse

I have already suggested a (to a certain extent)similar suggestion.Let's remember that pts travelling abroad for treatment are already in a difficult condition.A financial (where sometimes pts need to take a loan)makes it even worse.Expenses are enormous esp if members of the family need to accompany the pt.Expenses are considerable even if pt is sent abroad for treatment by NHS as the costs for lodging,meals,flights etc for the accompanying person have to be settled by the family.

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