Incentivise reporting bad drivers

Incentivise reporting bad drivers

People can easily report other drivers via a website or app where they can upload videos or photos of contraventions as evidence for the police to prosecute the offenders. The driver who reports the contravention will be kept secret from the offender, and does not need to waist time testifying. Once the evidence is verified, the driver who reported the offense will get rewarded (e.g. drivers get 1EUR reduced from his next driving license, students get 1EUR topped up to their tallinja card).


Very good idea - Related suggestion here:

This should replace the traffic ticket system. The traffic warden would spend much less time to write it out as a photo would be enough. Remember that wardens often park illegally while writing out parking tickets. A warden should spend more time directing traffic where an accident has occurred.

I love this but feel that no reward is necessary as this will help traffic to flow better and that is reward enough for everyone.

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