Let's be one of the first in the world to CHANGE

Let's be one of the first in the world to CHANGE

Malta was 1 of the last 3 countries in the WORLD to make divorce legal. Why are we always last to change? Lets be 1 of the first in the world to legalize Marijuana. Potential benefits: 1) Ending illegal drug trafficking of Marijuana 2) The government begins to earn VAT on the sale of Marijuana 3) More jobs are created ranging from coffee shops to farmers growing the plant 4) Tourism boost. Malta is not just seen as a Summer destination, but an ALL Year round destination. 5) MEDICAL MARIJUANA


At least start by legalising marijuana for medical use. there are conditions which will benefit from its use.

We try to make drugs illegal not legal

While I am not against the legalisation of pot I don't think bringing about change to be like everyone else is a good idea. We change because it is beneficial to our soceity in particular not to join the popular kids on the block so to speak. Besides legalising marijuana won't solve the drug problem. Hard drug dealers and users will still be around. Those are the real problem.

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