Bicycle commuting is the cheapest altve with huge health and congestion benefits. We need to make #space4cycling and a 2020 target of 15% modal share. The perceived danger from cars needs prioritized & importantly direct routes, filtered to exclude through traffic. Old 2way streets have been made oneway to provide parking on both side and create huge barriers, cyclists climbing unnecessary hills. Pedelecs help, but registration pushed sales down 85%, so compulsory showers at work are essential.


I'm a lecturer and over the past year I have ditched the car and travel to work (12 km each way) by ebike. Cycling infrastructure cost peanuts, it keep the community healthy and has zero impact on our environment especially air quality. Besides the infrastructure we need more subsidies for ebikes and less bureaucracy when registering them. They are idea for Malta as they help with hill climbs. You can arrive at work without breaking a sweat.

Because cycling is perfect form of transport on such small island, there are too many cars and air pollution caused by the daily gridlocked traffic is terrible. Any health measures against obesity and inactive lifestyle are laughable until something is done about making it safer for people to cycle and walk.

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