Election of PM and selection of Ministers & the executive

Election of PM  and selection of Ministers & the executive

The prime minister shall also be elected directly on a national basis (as it stands the prime minister is only elected by those districts in which he ran for election = 2) and he will have the power to appoint ministers from any source he chooses. The use of parliament as the recruitment pool for most of the ministers (and the prime minister) has a highly corrosive effect on the institution.


Although the main functions of parliament should be scrutiny of the executive, and as a check on its power, all MPs who have ministerial or secretarial positions hold dual roles as members of the executive and the legislature. Inevitably, this is a SERIOUS conflict of interest. Typically, there are several ministers, whips, parliamentary secretaries and other office-holders in parliament, people who may be assumed to vote with the government, and to defend it policies and actions.

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