Parking Special Designated Zones

Parking Special Designated Zones

It's about time public parking meters are introduced just like any modern European city. They should be introduced as a pilot project in small stretches of extreme busy areas called Special Designated Parking Zones (SDPZ).Small stretches of a town centre road should be made available to test the idea which I'm sure will relieve the extreme pressure on motorists not to contravene the law.The fee should also be quite hefty so as to be used for short periods of time and promote a healthy turnaround


@ Simon Muscat. What you are missing is that there are some instances where some motorist are so much in urgent need of a parking space for a few minutes, that they wouldn't mind paying even paying say 5, 6 or 7 euros for the space for a few minutes. I know this will deter most motorists but that's the whole point - at least get some parking for a few minutes. And that's why it is an idea, and it's not a question of what is presently established. This idea goes further.

Other than a source if additional source of revenue for the government; not sure of any benefits that this could bring. The parking limitation and fines are already well established with the regulators, our most friendly wardens ensuring that these are respected. May be missing something...

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