Income tax office should be more up to date

Income tax office should be more up to date

The tax office should no longer have the right to bill you in the present year for lack of tax paid from a long time ago like 20 years. In the UK the tax man can only go back to 5 years. How is anybody suppose to defend their situation going back to such a long time because of the Inland Revenue's lack of efficiency? A modern country need an up to date tax man. Never mind the grumpy receptionists doing a favour to serve you by taking your money. Thanks


This is totally unfair on law-abiding taxpayers. If you failed to pay tax you must compensate for your wrongdoing. This measure can also allow for massive abuse, whereby any tax-cheat can avoid being incriminated of fined simply because a few years have passed. Neither time nor ignorance of the law is an excuse for breaking it.

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