Ta' Qali

Ta' Qali

The area around the National Park, BOV Family Park and the National Stadium in Ta' Qali, attracts hundreds of joggers, cyclists and strollers alike. Unfortunately, the area is not that safe due to the poor state of the roads, pavements and lighting. This could be turned into a safe area for people to exercise on safe ground, with proper cycling lanes and jogging tracks, as well as parking spaces, landscaping, lighting and more.


Yes please, excellent proposal.

This is such a great idea - ta Qali area is a family favorite, with the Bov Adventure Park especially! The surrounds roads leading up to ta Qali are in dire need of doing up!! I hope this suggestion is taken into consideration.

This is a brilliant idea. I would add to also introduce jogging and cycling lanes in the adjacent roads leading to the park. This would encourage more people living in the nearby towns and villages such as Attard, Lija, Mosta to actually jog or cycle to the park. This will render the short trip to the park safer and encourages more people to exercise. (reducing transport emissions and addressing obesity as a side benefit)

Great idea which could easily be implemented.This area is used but it's not in a good state and not safe. Would encourage people to keep fit and have a healthy life style with obvious benefits.

With not much effort and money this park could make a great outdoor place to compete with the likes of parks in major cities

I would call this not only a good idea but a really necessary one for all domiciled in Malta. The area should include some kind of a water lake with trees etc in the design which mimickes a beautiful natural zone. BTW keep cars away and to be accessed only on foot please.

Great Idea. The area is currently unsafe and poorly lit.

Good idea , not safe at all especially for people who go jogging

This could be an opportunity to make healthy lifestyles and exercise more easily accessible. This is a great area do jog in but is currently very unsafe

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