Free Gym Membership and Nutritionist for Obese individuals

Free Gym Membership and Nutritionist for Obese individuals

Government should offer free membership in gyms or full tax rebate for gym membership for obese individuals. This should be coupled with a nutritionist/dietitian advice. The GP even at Health Centres should be capable to refer obese individuals to MDH nutritionists/dietitian who would certify the need for gym and give advice. Then the individual chooses a gym and gets full refund either as tax rebate or other suitable means.


it should be free for all people not just obese...precaution is better than the cure!

Have you ever been to a gym. Its full of perfectly fit people with iPhones and designer training gear. What drives them is vanity not health. There are perfectly free methods of loosing weight like eating right and walking. Walking 10,000 steps a day is the best excercise you can get and it's free. Forget weights and treadmills. However an incentive should be given to people who would like to buy gym equipment for their homes.

Its a good idea with good intentions but research tends to show that people fighting to find time to get to the gym (sat down a lot commuting to work and gym) start well but trail off quickly attendance wise. We should invest in active transport such as walking, cycling and bus use. Proven long term health benefits. EU death due to physical inactivity is twice (668,000 in 2015) that of obesity (337,000). For every fatality (1 in 4-5yrs) cycling saves 4-5 over same period even at current levels.

It's not like I don't like the motive of this idea which I do. But there is more what one can do to get fit and loose weight before going to a gym. Start jogging. It's absolutely free and the great outdoors is also very healthy not only for the body but also the mind.

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